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    help with a FireFox issue?

    ncat Level 1
      I am building a site and I cannot figure out the sapcing issues of one of my sites. I have tried many things and while it apeasr fine in IE, the spacing is a bit off in Firefix, for the main pages.

      The first here:

      http://www.zw2.com/hds/final_internal_nav.cfm (the nav has a blue line to the right that is much too thick)

      it looks as it should in IE, but when compared in FF, you will see the difference.

      Does anyone happen to know if there is a common issue with Firefox and spacing?

      Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
        • 1. help with a FireFox issue?
          Yes, there are differences, but they're not fatal (you can fix them).

          The usual method is to design for Firefox and then make the changes necessary for it to work in IE. Firefox is more standards-compliant than IE. You'll find a lot of help for this kind of problem if you search on webmasterworld.com.

          You should also run some www.w3.org validation checks on your site. There are a number of minor errors in the html, and one in the css. If you use Firefox, you can add the Web Developer and the HTML Validator extensions so these validations are easy to do.

          Good luck!