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    Lightroom 6 - "Lightroom has stopped working" when importing photos.




      I will briefly describe my system setup and the problem at hand followed by a synopsis of troubleshooting steps I have attempted.



      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      ASUS SAbertooth Mark I motherboard

      Intel 6700K CPU

      16GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 960 GPU

      512 GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD - m.2 socket PCI-e 3.0 x4



      When importing photos into Lightroom I invariably get the Windows error "Lightroom has stopped working" which prompts lightroom to crash to desktop.  Looking in the event viewer logs it shows that the file responsible for the crash (or at least being reported as such) is the Adobe file AgKernel.dll


      Steps I have taken to try to resolve the problem, in the order I have taken them:


      1. Disable GPU in LR preferences
      2. Verify Windows OS installation with SFC /scannow
      3. Fix broken files (if any) with Windows 10 DISM repair
      4. Re-Seat CPU, RAM, and GPU
      5. Run MemTest 86 - 5 passes - no errors.
      6. Run Passmark CPU MArk - CPU Passes all tests.
      7. Re-download and Re-install Lightroom 6
      8. Create new catalog and reset all preferences
      9. Re-enable GPU in LR preferences
      10. Run PassMark GPU Benchmark, will not pass.


      Up to this point I would also occasionally (about 20% of the time) get a blue sceen after a Lightroom failure, these bluescreen have stopped after the next troubleshooting step, so there may be a problem with the GPU.  However, even removing it from the system did not enable Lightroom to successfully Import photos.


      1. Uninstall GPU and switch to onboard video
      2. Manually set Windows 10 Pagefile to 8192 MB
      3. Disable windows search and superfetch
      4. Uninstall webroot and switch to Windows Defender


      At this point I am attempting to re-install Windows 10 on a different SSD I have on hand: Samsung 850 Pro 1 TB - SATA 3.


      Given that none of the above has resolved the problem I am starting to get to a loss on what will fix it.  Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.  I am prepared to send in any crash logs that are needed to enable us to come to a resolution to this problem.