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    Additional Editor Not Working Correctly


      Hi All,


      Before a recent update, I had LR set with 2 external editors. The main editor (so I could push ctrl+e) was set to Photoshop as a 16bit ProPhoto TIFF. The second editor was set to Photoshop as a 8bit AdobeRGB TIFF.


      After a recent update (I believe to 2015.5), LR will let me push ctrl+e to open as 16bit in PS. But, when I right click to choose my 8bit preset, all it does is create an 8bit TIFF in LR (with a dialog that says "Edit a copy with LR adjustments, and the setting I use for the 8bit TIFF). It used to just open it as a 8bit file in PS.


      How can I correct this to go back to the old way? I've tried changing the settings, and creating a new preset, but it always does the same thing.


      *I should note, when creating/adjusting the preset, it says "LR already has Photoshop 2015.5 as external editor by default" with the option to "choose anyway".