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    Lightroom 6.6.1. crashes on desktop, not on laptop

    jt6538562 Level 1

      Lightroom, 6.6.1 keeps on crashing on my desktop computer without any logic. Sometimes I can use for one  of two hours, sometimes is crashes within minutes. It even crashes when I  only have opened the program. Lightroom 5.7.1. on the same desktop machine runs fine.


      Lightroom 6.6.1. runs fine on my laptop. ( A little bit slower than 5.7.1.) but it has a small screen and the video-card is not powerful enough to deliver the resolution for my desktop-screen.


      I  re-installed 6.6.1. twice, defrag the catalog, the pictures, tried a different catalog, nothing helps.

      I have to kill it through the task-manager.


      Desktop is an AMD with 8 gig.  The laptop is an I7 with 6 Gig of memory.

      Don't have any  problems with other programs.

      Any suggestions would be welcome.