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    Video software not working


      so recently i had a hard drive fail which was a pretty big part of my system, but not my OS drive. which is Win 7.


      i got a new SSD to replace it and have reinstalled CC and place the apps on the new SSD which i named my L: (for Lenovo)


      everything except my premiere pro and after effects seem to work. they both crash on startup, instantaneously.  I believe my speedgrade and prelude still worked, and my PS and AI work too.

      it seemed like some issue accessing my documents or to do with preferences, and i even had a lock on my user folder, which i managed to get off, and its set to read-only. which, turning off does not turn off, and trying to turn it off through cmd prompt doesnt work either. but again, i'm only being affected on two video apps.


      i've uninstalled and reinstalled CC several times, and the latest time i tried to use CC cleaner it couldn't access what it needed to access. i've done all kinds of things trying to reset permissions and make it work.


      the first time they crashed, they stated something about not being able to run on a network drive, which, it was not a network drive. just a new one. but i no longer get that error. i even reinstalled the 2015 versions hoping that would work and no.


      i have an interview coming up in a week and would like to be able to work on it after its shot.


      thank you for reading, hopefully highlighting the key details helps you skim and look back at it.