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    LR CC has encountered problems reading my photos. I'm not able to make adjustments.


      After buying a Canon Powershot G5 X, I began having problems importing my photos into Lightroom CC.  After several long phone sessions with Adobe customer support, I'm still having problems. Each time, the issue is a little different, but all related to importing my photos into LR and post processing them the way I used to be able to do.  Currently, my Adobe support session from the other day seemed to solve the issue, but when I closed LR and reopened it, all of my edited photos have a little black circle with an ! in it, all of my edits are gone, and the message is "LR encountered problems reading my photos, and that I'm not able to make any adjustments to them".  If I click on the photo, I get "the file is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom."


      I'm at wit's end and can't seem to get the right help for this problem.  Has anyone out there ever experienced this problem?  What did you do?