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    Lightroom 6 on 2 computers

    colinm85 Level 1

      HI all,

        I recently posted a question on using Lightroom 6 on 2 computers, and got a lot of help from the forum. I now have a more complex question based on the advice. Basically, I was advised to either have my catalog (and maybe images) on an external hard drive which I connected to the computer that I wanted to use at the time, or to use a cloud-based service (e.g. Box, Dropbox) to synch my catalog between computers, always making sure that the synch had happened before I used the computer. For various reasons, I prefer the second method, although I may decide on the first based on any help I can get on this question. Here we go.


      I will always load my pictures on my desktop, and will use the catalog synching to be able to process on my laptop. I am satisfied that this is perfectly viable for normal use, but I do have a question on more advanced usage. If I want to use some of the newer features of Lightroom, such as panorama or HDR, I believe that Lightroom will create a new image from the results. Is that true? If so, I believe that the new image will be stored in the directory that I have my pictures loaded to when I import them. So what will happen if I try that processing on my laptop, when my source directory isn't available? And to take that one step further, If I decide I don't like Lightroom's capabilities in these areas (I think the HDR capability is really weak), and decide I want to use a plugin (say Photomatix), I know that Photomatix will create a new image and send it back to Lightroom. So where will it go with no source library available?


      Or should I only do basic editing on my laptop and save the more creative stuff for when I have my source library available.


      I assume that if I use an external hard drive with both catalog and source library on it that would solve the problem, right?


      Again, thanks for any help

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Some of the editing in LR can be done using the preview files. Some of the editing requires access to the original files. If the original files are needed, and if they are not available (like on a disconnected drive), then LR will give you an appropriate message and not complete the task.


          If you regularly want to edit images that are often disconnected, you can turn on the "smart previews" and pay the price of used disk space for the convenience. In many cases, but not all cases, the smart preview will cover many of the needs for the original file.


          You image files can be located practically any where: internal drive, external drive, network drive. Sharing the images between to computers is relatively easy.

          Your LR catalog needs to be on a "local" drive (internal or external). "Sharing" it between computers takes care.


          The easiest way (not prettiest way) to share your catalog between computers is to put the catalog (and the images) on an external drive and move the drive from computer to computer as needed.

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            colinm85 Level 1

            Thanks guys. I'm beginning to be swayed towards the external hard drive solution. Dropbox gives me 2Gb free, but my latest catalog (which contains information about all my images, including previews) is 10 Gb. I'm thinking it will just be simpler to use the hard drive containing catalog and images, as long as I back it up. Thanks again