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    Trouble Opening Apps

    PaulaNardini14 Level 1



      I'm sorry to open a discussion about this again, but I can't find a solution to my problem.


      I use my creative cloud account on my windows DELL LAPTOP and on my iMac. I NEVER have issues on my iMac, but I've been having a lot of trouble to open my apps on the Dell Laptop. I started getting the 'sign in' screen every time I tried to open After Effects, I sign in and it appears that the license is confirmed, but after 10 seconds I get the SAME sign in screen again, and again and again, it never stops, so the app never opens.


      I erased all the apps, re-installed Creative Cloud and downloaded the apps again just to get a message that my apps are on "trial". I can't open them because the "trial time is over". I also erased the content on OOBE folder, restart my computer like 10 times but it doesn't work either.


      To be honest I tried everything, even updating the Creative Cloud app itself, it's not working and I really need to use the apps on my laptop!!


      Please let me know what I can do.