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    Elements does not recognize Canon VIXIA HF G20


      I've installed Premiere Elements 14 on my Mac Book Pro El Capitan V10.11.4 and it does not find my Canon VIXIA HF G20 when it is connected to the Mac and when I open the import media box in PE, and neither does the Mac show the device in the finder window.  When I take the card out of the G20 and plug it into a card reader, the Mac does see it in the Finder under Devices but does not recognize any of the files shown on the screen of the G20.  The files are recorded on disk A in the G20 and not the internal memory of the G20.


      I did not install any of the software that came with the G20.  There were two disks

      1) Canon VIXIA 1,0 (Image Browser EX / Music Data / Image Mix Data)

      2) Pixela VideoBrower v2.6 for Windows, which would not work on the Mac anyway.


      Has anyone else experienced this and resolved it?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I've had no problems connecting my Vixia to Premiere Elements -- although some people using El Capitan have reported problems.


          You won't need to install any additional software to use the camcorder with the program:

          1) Connect your camcorder to your computer via USB. Make sure your AC adaptor is plugged into your camcorder or your cam may not make the connection!

          2) Set your camcorder to playback mode. Once the computer recognizes the connection (you should get an indicator from your OS), you will need to set the connection on your camcorder.

          3) Start Premiere Elements (after your camcorder has been recognized by your OS) and use Add Media/From Camera or Devices to open the Video Importer. If the camcorder isn't immediately displayed, select it from the Source drop-down at the top of the Video Importer screen.


          If that doesn't work, just know that it's something in the operating system. It worked perfect in Yosemite, and it works fine on many installations of El Capitan (including mine). But Apple's latest has bugged up some Adobe features.