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    Using auto-add on Lightroom Mobile when deleting


      I use Lightroom Mobile to auto add my photos from my iPhone to the cloud and sync to my desktop version of Lightroom CC.  My phone is running out of storage space and I need to delete some photos / videos from my phone and I want to check two things:


      1) Is the copy of the photo / video that has been added to my desktop version the exact same as the original on my phone?  I have compared file size, dimensions and other visible metadata and they appear to be the same but when I ask the Adobe helpdesk they say that only the preview is sync'd and it is not the original.  Even though the file size is the same they are saying that the copy sync'd to the desktop is not the 'original'


      2) When I delete the photos / videos from the Photos app on my phone will it cause some auto delete sync to occur where it will delete the photos off my desktop version as well? Again, I have tested this with a few specific examples and it doesn't appear to cause the photos to delete from Lightroom but according to Adobe helpdesk it will cause the files to delete as the cloud version is only a virtual copy and it needs the local copy to sync.


      Anyone who can answer these definitively would be appreciated.




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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Yes, it's a copy of the original.


          2. No, deleting from the Photos app has no effect on the files handled by Lightroom Mobile.


          You're asking your questions here very clearly and I am able to give similar answers, so I don't know why the help desk were confused. I guess Photos app is clearer when it's written than when it's spoken?

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            UserNG Level 1

            Thanks, I thought I was being quite clear as well.  Funnily enough, the 'call' I had with the Helpdesk was actually online so I basically typed the exact same text that I included in my question above.  I have only had to call Adobe twice and I have been using Lightroom since v1 and both times I have been completely disappointed, not with the outcome but in their ability to explain their response with any conviction.  I have yet to truly believe anything they say.