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    Photo merge spherical panorama issue Lightroom CC

    marcopolo34 Level 1

      hi All,

      hope to get here some advice of more experianced users. I am trying to stitch a spherical panorama 360 in lightroom. Project consists of 36 raw frames, 3 rows x 12 each. Each raw overlap and no error here. Photos taken with a drone, using litchi app. I prefer to stich in lightroom as it gives much better quality outcome also in raw file.


      The problem is that outcome file, despite having full controll of quality is not seamless full panorama. In Panotour, the panorama doesnt get full 360 rotation So I checked raw outcome from Lighroom. It seems its not complete. Using filter/other/offset you can easily see that is not full. some pixels are missing and making it impossible to rotate as sfere is not complete.


      I checked 36 source files, sphere allings perfectly in other software like PTGui, but not in Lightroom CC.

      in Photomarge user has a minimal control over the project allowing to select only type of panorama andauto crop option. Checked also with ofher projects shot in different location, same error. Not full sphere.


      Anyone has An idea how to get seamless spherical pano in this case? I tried to cut into two layers and auto align and blend but doesnt work as two layers dont overlap. Some small part of sphere is missing.



      I can provide you a pack of raw files in rar if you need to check the problem.



      thanks in advance