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    What does the auto keyframe mode do in After Effects ?

    sampat12307 Level 1

      I am following a tutorial on After Effects and I am kinda stuck trying to understand what does this feature actually does. The tutorial shows that it automatically places a keyframe every time you change the value of a property. Sure it does. But it also places a keyframe automatically even when the auto-keyframe feature is turned off (as long as you have the first keyframe manually placed. The next ones are placed automatically) So what am I not getting here ? Thanks

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          that's a good question it's really only purpose is for placing the first key-frame so that instead of clicking on the stop-watch icon to set the keyframe, you can simply change the first value of anything - and it will set a keyframe for it. this could be especially useful when you use the composition panel to move an element - you could simply drag it with your mouse and no need to find the right property for it in the timeline first. from the moment you have set your first keyframe, there is no relevance to whether it's on or off for that value, since Ae automatically creates a keyframe with every change of a value.