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    Flash not showing up in browser

      I have a weird question that doesn't pertain to the actual macromedia software. I created a flash banner ad for this website, www.metrictv.com. So far when I view this movie it appears fine on most of the systems and browsers I try it on. However, for some odd reason it doesn't appear on my (fairly new and very up to date) computer at home nor my parents which is a Dell that is not even a year old.

      Here is the kicker. The flash movie on the left hand side of the metrictv.com page shows up on both systems??? the flash movies on the right hand side of the same page doesn't. What in the world is going on? I checked to make sure I have the Flash 8 plug-in installed on both systems and it is installed. I am dumb founded because I have tried viewing the page in IE and Mozilla and still doesn't show up. Is there some system security setting I need to turn off... like something that only allows one flash animation to show at a time.

      Please help because this is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.