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    Edge Animate speed up site loading

    SanchezMusics Level 1

      The site was made entirely of animated edge.

      But unfortunately the loading is a bit slow, because it contains two png animation (with technique on/off).


      I could not use a sprite sheet, because I do not permettava the correct resizing. So I would say that this technique is unfortunately excluded. In fact, even for texts, have been converted into PNG, to make sure you rimpiccolissero correctly when you resize the browser window.


      Returning to the two animations (images with technique on/off)., is a on the home page and I'm 190 images, and the other in a website page and the animation is composed of 1000 images.

      The images have been reduced to the bone, saved with save for web (in photoshop) in PNG 8-bit and weigh in fact roughly only 70kb every image. Can not be reduced more because losing too much quality. I gained a few seconds loading, but still not good, I would load yet faster.


      Is there a way to ease the initial load?

      Which roads you can groped to use?


      Thank you very much.