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    Lightroom 6 and Sony ARW files: any ideas on how to open them?


      Hi there


      I recently upgraded to a retail boxed version of LR6 from LR5 on a Windows 7 PC. Before I installed LR6 I had to covert all my CR2 files (from a Canon 760D) to DNG files to open them. But since LR6 I can open CR2 files no problem. So all well and good . . .


      However, my son uses a Sony A6000 camera and he sent me an ARW file (Sony's native RAW format) to edit on his behalf and I cannot open it in Lightroom 6 at all.


      I've tried converting it to a DNG file and a Tiff file but when I navigate to the relevant folder Lightroom cannot "see" it along with all the other DNG files I have in the same folder. When I try to add the file Lightroom "sees" all the other DNG and CR2 files . . . just not the converted ARW file.


      Rather oddly, I appear to be able to open the ARW file in Photoshop CS5 but when I save it as a Tiff file Lightroom is unable to see it when I navigate to the desktop of the PC or to the folder I've saved it in.


      PS I've also tried to open the ARW files in Lightroom directly by not converting them to DNG files but that doesn't work either.


      Does anyone else have any experience of this? Any workaround would be greatly appreciated.