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    Going Live with New Website in place of Old




      I am not sure if this is the appropriate place for all of my questions, some refer to Wordpress content, but all to the same website.



      I have developed a new website for our company. It will replace our current wordpress website that was tailed entirely using wordpress by a web designer. The new website I have developed uses Muse for 90% of the build, but I have created a 'news blog' and 'reviews' pages inside wordpress and have insertedf this content as HTML elements on the Muse site.



      Next thing is launch, but I am very nervous about this as we have a good number of website visitors e every day so the transition needs to be as seamless as possible. Here are the things I would like to achieve:



      1. Move new wordpress content in place of the old wordpress website on our server. In doing so writing over the old content (backed up) replacing the current url of the new build which has '/redevelopment' suffix. The url would therefore be as it is currently: www.XXXX.com rather than www.XXXX.com/redevelopment



      2. Upload the new website content developed in Muse in an integreated upload with the new Wordpress content so that as above, we drop the '/redevelopment' suffix and upload as www.XXXX.com


      3. I work in a team with another person and we have developed a 'desktop/tablet' version of the website and a 'mobile' version of the website on two different machines to divide the work load. The desktop build was done prior to Muse adding responsive design, so much of the content simply couldn't be worked backwards to work on the mobile, hence we worked to bring responsive design on the 'desktop' so it functions on tablets, but opted to develop a second build for 'mobile'.

      So the question is how do we ensure that users arriving at the site are sent to 'desktop' and 'mobile' versions of the website automatically?


      4. Put in place all 303 redirects, so that old URLs with backlinks now push to the new URLs that have been SEO optimised with more descriptive terms.



      As I say, I realise this might not be the forum for this question, if anyone has suggestions on what forum I might use that may be more appropriate I would really welcome the pointer (I have posted this question on Wordpress forums too).



      Thanks in advance

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          Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

          Oh man... I'm afraid to disappoint you, but you will have to sell your soul to the devil that would solve the painless these questions. And still not be able to fully resolve.
          The best and most painless way out of your situation, so as not to lose the PR and visitors:

          1) Pay a specialist who will make html layout (bootstrap) from scratch. using your Muse site only as a design prototype.

          2) Pay php programmer, which will make of this layout theme for wordpress.

          3) Install this theme to your old WordPress site. If the layout is done on the bootstrap, separate mobile versions that you do not need

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            LAWM8 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply and the advice.


            The website functions without any issues. It loads quickly. All wordpress content works inline with the muse content with no issues and on all three devices. All I want to do is upload it in place of my existing site and put 303s in.


            I'm not sure why you suggest a full rebuild using a specialist? Could you expand a little at all?

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              Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

              3) You need to write javascript for this, or combined into one Muse project

              4)  To avoid losing the position in search you have to write an essay in htaccess with 301 redirect from each old links to each new.

              303 redirect is not suitable for this.

              But if the losses are not critical for you and the site does not have a lot of pages, it's not so scary. Just above, I wrote to you a painless way.

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                LAWM8 Level 1

                3) So provided that I have someone capable of writing the appropriate Javascript we can manage point 3. Going forward, we will most likely redevelop and then integrate the build into one Muse package anyway.


                4) We have already assessed all web traffic and identified every single URL link that we wish to retain using redirects.


                So I need someone proficient in Javascript, able to perform these tasks. How to find that person!?

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                  Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

                  LAWM8 написал(а):


                  So I need someone proficient in Javascript, able to perform these tasks. How to find that person!?

                  Yes, this is what you need. Unfortunately I do not know freelancers sites in english. Maybe someone else will tell

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                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    IMO, one responsive website is the way to go.  I don't know your reasons for moving away from WordPress however, it makes more sense to keep the entire site on one responsive & dynamic platform instead of cutting it up into separate bits as you have. 


                    That said, the JavaScript redirect code is below.   Put this into the <head> section of all your site pages.   Change window.location to your mobile/tablet URL.  Adjust the breakpoint value (950) as required.

                    (window).on('load resize',function(){
                    if($(window).width() < 950){
                    .location = "https://www.google.com"


                    On the surface, this may seem like a good solution.  But  you should be aware of the flaws.


                    1. It's not 100% reliable.  JavaScript redirect won't work if users have JS disabled in their device.  It's not common, less than 5% of users have no scripts.   But those users will only see your desktop site.
                    2. It's a one way trip.  In other words, even if users want to see the desktop site, they can't get there unless they switch to larger devices or disable JavaScript & refresh their browser. 
                    3. With multiple URLs, there's risk of penalty from Google for having duplicate content on your site.   To avoid this, you must add canonical (preferred) URLS to each page's <head> tag.


                    Best of luck with your project!


                    Nancy O.

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                      LAWM8 Level 1

                      Hi Nancy,


                      Thank you this is a very very helpful reply.


                      Regards the build I have done, I am a graphic designer not a web developer. I had become frustrated by the current website and the lack of control that we had as a business over changes to the website beyond just small areas such as the news blog and formulaic product pages that all had to follow the parameters set by the web developer we had worked with. After several years the developer changed career and we were left with a site that I was maintaining with very limited knowledge of HTML.


                      Rightly or wrongly at the time when we decided to develop a whole new site, I did my research and felt that it was possible to develop a site ground up in Muse. I had a number of meetings with prospective developers and was not happy with the quotes or the "that's going to cost a lot to achieve" response to my ideas.


                      Of course there have been issues and right now I feel like we're staring at some pretty glaring issues. However the site is, in my view, very very impressive and could not possibly have been developed in Wordpress without essentially passing the job and therefore control to a web developer. We plan to enter a second phase of development to bring all the mobile content in under one responsive design, which was always the intention. It may prove to be counter productive in the long run, but control over every element and page in the website is central to our requirements. Muse continues to develop steadily and hopefully this will only improve our website in future.


                      Regards, Muse and Wordpress - Maintaining a single blog page in wordpress and a single catergorised reviews page via Wordpress doesn't appear to have many drawbacks as I can see, but that might perhaps be naivety.


                      Thanks for all the replies.