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    Images Not Showing Up When Importing Catalog From Other Photographer

    alannaf49633505 Level 1

      I am an editor for a wedding photographer and I've been having this issue happen so often and I'm not sure what is causing it. I can see all the information behind the image, the ranking and if there's any previous edit on it, but the image itself is not showing up. The photographer sends over the catalog, preview and smart preview. There are times that everything transfers perfectly and other times the images aren't there.


      We've tried deleting everything on both ends and starting over making sure everything is done correctly but it still happens. I've tried chatting with support but they haven't been able to help. Every time this happens I am losing money because I can't be their editor. We both have the most recent LR so that's not the issue.


      How we are currently transferring weddings:

      She takes is export as catalog with preview and smart preview. Once that is done she uploads the three files (catalog,smart preview, and preview) to Dropbox and sends them over. When I get it, I download the catalog the zip smart preview and the zip preview. Once downloaded, I extract the preview and smart preview. Then I go to File > Import From Another Catalog... I click on the catalog file and select choose.  Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't.


      What are we doing wrong??