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    No Bézier Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator Draw?

    michaeld87223797 Level 1

      I'm not sure what the developers were thinking when they decided to omit the Bézier pen tool in Adobe Draw. It is the defining tool of Adobe Illustrator. It's the icon used in the Adobe Draw app and yet it is nowhere to be found in the toolset.


      It makes perfect sense to make a clean break from outmoded input paradigms when developing apps for mobile vs desktop. But without a Bézier pen tool Adobe Draw is essentially Adobe Sketch with vector output. When an illustrator or designer friend asks me if Adobe has a vector drawing tool for iPad Pro I have to say, sadly "No."


      Yes, I could buy an app from one of the many third-party developers who have rushed in to fill Adobe's void. But their apps I am sure won't be of the same quality or have the cloud integration I've come to love from Adobe's Creative Suite.


      Come on Adobe! I beg of you! Make our dreams come true and solve this first-world problem. We know you can do it! On behalf of all the loyal working illustrators and lifelong Adobe enthusiasts out there. Put the pro in iPad Pro.



      Sincerely, Michael DiMilo

      Illustrator, animator

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