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    Hyperlinks panel causing InDesign CC2015 to slow down/freeze


      I just imported a Word doc with hyperlinks into InDesign CC 2015, and it's working perfectly. The links are there and when I export a pdf, the links are live and go to the correct place. The problem is that when I open the hyperlinks panel to add other links, InDesign basically freezes up. Its clearly checking the links, because all of the dots are gray, and gradually are changed to green. Is there any way to stop this process? I've sat for 30 minutes waiting for this to resolve itself. The application will act like it's finished, but the moment I touch the hyperlinks panel, even to move it, InDesign freezes up again.


      I'm going to try removing the imported content and reimporting, and check the import details, but if that doesn't work, I'm at a loss. I can't import this without the hyperlinks, some of them are fairly long and there are a lot of them - I have zero wish to enter what could end up being a hundred or so links by hand, yuk.

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          ottry Level 1

          I haven't solved this, but I did find that if I turned off the checkbox for checking all links in the flyout menu, that helped enough that I was able to get the project done. I found that I just had to walk away and let the application think it out. It took about 30 minutes, which was frustrating, but each time it locked up, I let it go, and was finally able to get the project done.