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    Why is it so difficult to ask a Question?


      I tried to ask a simple question.  Page after page after page of text displayed all kinds of information(?) but did permit the asking of a simple question.  The whole process was so verbose displaying all kinds of suggestions but none of them relevant to my question:  why is there an extra blank on the printed page that is not in the saved document?  It appears that same situation would occur almost always regardless of the simple question you'd like to ask.

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          no kidding. I have been using adobe products for 15 yrs. and I hate it. I have never worked with a more difficult product in my life. unfortunately the snobs in my field can't see past their hubris to see there are other possible solutions than being a prisoner to adobe products. I have a simple question and after an hour I still can't find how or where or to whom to ask it. In what world is that ok for an overpriced product. the crazy part is no one will ever even read this mail or address these issues. I think I need to find alternative to dealing with adobe products.

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            I read it, but since you didn't actually say what your question was I can't answer it...