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    on click event for movieclip not firing - doesn't think it's clickable?


      Hey everyone, I'm working on converting some old .fla files done with AS2 to HTML5 Canvas. I'm having some trouble with getting mouse events to work with my movieclips.


      Movieclip named menu1 is on frame 1 of my stage. I have a layer named Actions. On that layer, I have this code (taken straight from the Code Snippets panel):


      this.menu1.addEventListener("click", fl_MouseClickHandler.bind(this));
      function fl_MouseClickHandler()
          // Start your custom code
          // This example code displays the words "Mouse clicked" in the Output panel.
          alert("Mouse clicked");
          // End your custom code


      For some reason, when I test, the movieclip doesn't get the hand cursor, and clicking on it does nothing. It's like there's no click event on it at all. Any ideas? Thanks!