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    Setting up photo book

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      Hi, folks--Last week I posted about this: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2206185


      I did hear back from one of the companies I was considering working with re: setting up my own ID template. The first part of what Mixbook is referring to is their online software. Apparently, I'd be uploading my pages that I create in ID as "backgrounds." This sounds as if I'd have to do X number of pages individually in ID, rather than actually creating the book itself in ID and uploading a PDF. I'm a bit confused, not only about that aspect of it, but about actually setting up the pages.


      Can some kind soul read through this and interpret it for me? I may need a bit of a walk-through.


      Thank you so much.


      From Mixbook:


      You can definitely make a pre-made page into a full-page bleed. Under the Background tab there will be a button titled “Add Background.” Click this button, then the “Upload Background” tab.

      This window will indicate the recommended pixel dimensions for your background images based on the print size of your book. The window will also specify a bleed area, or the outer edges of a background that is intended to be trimmed off during the printing process. We use bleeds so that any variances during the printing process do not result in your backgrounds not extending the full page of your project. You do not need to specifically add anything to a background to give it a bleed area, but design elements on a background that are close to the edges will be cut off.

      Please note that, for example, when the window refers to the “299×299 pixel bleed area” bleed area around the image that means there will be 149 from the top 149 from the bottom 149 from the left 149 from the right.

      If you are designing your own backgrounds, we recommend building in a specific bleed area of at least 1/4" beyond the page size so you will be able to control exactly what gets printed, and what will most likely get cut off. After creating your backgrounds or layout pages to the specific size you intend to order, add an additional 1/4" to the top, bottom and both sides of your page. For example, if you are creating your backgrounds in a 12×12″ format, the final page size should be 12.25×12.25″ with the added 1/4" border or bleed area. Check out our Mixblog for more tips on how to create your own pages.

      With regards to inside pages, our hardcover books are bound with a white endsheet between the cover and the first page, and a white end sheet between the last page and the back cover. Our premium leather books are bound with black endsheets. At this time, the color of these endsheets cannot be changed at this time, nor can we print on the inside of the front or back covers. Softcover and lay flat books do not have endsheets.

      With all of our book types, the first page starts on the right hand side of the book after the cover – this page is represented as a single page in the editor. The following blog entry will further explain what endsheets are: http://blog.mixbook.com/an-endsheet-explanation/