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    Altering "breathe" parameters during a scene

    jeremyc4198530 Level 1

      I'm recording a scene with the breathe behavior. The character is calm for the majority of the scene and has slow breaths per minute, But halfway through he is frightened by something, and I want him to breathe much heavier and faster for a few moments, while he's afraid, then return to normal. I haven't been able to figure this out though. Is it even possible to do this, through multiple takes or something like that? Or are the parameters you set for the breathe behavior constant throughout the scene?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yep, totally doable. You can arm any parameter by clicking the red dot next to it. So if I were you, I'd:


          • Arm "Breaths per Minute" in breathe.
          • Set it to the initial normal BPM, like let's say 15.
          • Record for a second.
          • Extend the take by dragging the right edge so it goes for the whole duration of your timeline.
          • Move to the spot where he gets intense.
          • Set the BPM to something more, like 100.
          • Record for a second again.
          • Drag this new take for the duration of the intense part.
          • Timeline > Blend Take > Blend In & Out (or drag for custom timing) to make the breathing increase more gradual.


          Anything with a circle next to it can be armed and recorded. So if you ever want eyebrow strength to be 500% or for one part, you can do it.

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            jeremyc4198530 Level 1

            Oh man, thank you so much. I only saw the grey dot next to the word "breathe"... When I toggled the arrow to edit the parameters my eyes glanced right over the large circles to arm the parameters. It was so simple but I swear I was staring at it for 20 minutes.