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    Puppet Review!




      I'm Ice.

      I recently got a hold of this CA software and got my hands dirty immediately.I noticed in one of your video tutorials, you mentioned linking our own creations for your review so here I am: Meet Ice. A Hip-Hop Animated Series! [Cartoon Network Pitch Bible] - YouTube


      I intend for this character to spinoff into it's own mobile game, and plush toy license. Anywho, as much as I like it, I have some concerns about the motion mechanics, especially w/ the head tilt feature. For some reason, since adding all seven head profiles, I cannot figure out how to recalibrate my webcam to pick up my head movements. Could you help w/ this? Thanks in advance for your time!



      Ice Montgomery


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Check out 23 minutes into this video - it goes into a lot of detail about head turns and has an example. The most likely reasons it's not working are a) the head turner behavior hasn't been added to the head group, or b) the views aren't named/tagged properly. If you're still running into trouble feel free to post your character here or DM me and we can take a closer look.



          It looks like the dangle on the necklace is a little strict too - I would expect a little more weight/sway to it. Not sure exactly how it was set up but maybe lowering the spring stiffness might make it feel better, or using staples to staple the independent dangling group to his neck.


          Overall looks like a fun character that you clearly enjoy performing with. Thanks for sharing!