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    CD sales - Standard or Extended License??


      I have an Adobe Stock subscription. A client would like to me to design a CD album cover (front and back) and possibly an inside booklet. The album will be intended for sale by the client once the design is done. The client would possibly like to use the same image from the CD cover or another graphic image from inside the booklet for the picture on top of the actual CD. The images that I will create for the CD will be a combination of multiple Adobe Stock images that have been altered to create new pieces of imagery or original art.


      (As a reminder, none of the images will be used in it's original form)


      • If my client is going to sale these CDs do I need to purchase an Extended License or will a Standard do for now?
      • Do I need to transfer the license since my client will be using the imagery for their own sales? If so, how would I do that if I aquired the standard license through my Adobe Subscription?
      • Will my client be able to use the same image on other advertising products (magazines, billboards, shirts, etc). If an Extended License is required for other uses how do I acquire the licenses for the images for my client??
      • Finally, since Adobe owns the rights to the images I'm using for my client, will my client have any legal say on how I use the image (ex. portfolio work, etc) after they have purchased the graphics I created for them?


      I'm a little lost with the whole licensing thing, just want to cover all my basis.