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    LR Mobile iOS on iPad won't upload RAF Fuji files


      Hi! First time here and an aspiring photography hobbyist.


      Currently have Lightroom for iOS installed on both my iPhone and iPad (6S+ and Pro respectively). I'm starting to use the Raw/RAF image support that LR Mobile now has, import to my iPad via SD card, then edit them in Raw. Camera is a Fuji XT2.


      However, they seem to be 'stuck' on my iPad. On the Cloud-looking button on the upper left of the App, it just says all my RAW photos are uploading (currently added and edited 7 RAW/RAF Photos, so it says "Uploading... 7 Pending" with no progress whatsoever.


      The images also come out as a black image with no thumbnail if I were to check my Adobe Photo assets on the web (it just has the lightning looking icon).


      No trace of it on my iPhone either when it syncs.


      I'm currently on a mobile-only workflow (iPad and iPhone - upload from there), so fortunately the problem isn't as serious as not having the files on my desktop. But I would want to have them synced well between my iPad, iPhone, and the web.


      Would appreciate any help!


      Thank you!