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    I started out looking to remove the glare from glasses


      I know very little about editing pictures and all I really wanted to do was to find a way, without having to spend too much time, to remove the glare from the glasses of family members in a favorite photo.  I am not interested, yet, in learning all the features or getting deeply involved in photo editing, I just want to do this one thing for now, so I downloaded the offered Free Trial of Adobe Lightroom. 

      Now it appears way too complicated for a total novice like me and I have defeated my purpose.  Unless.....someone can just simply tell me an easy way to remove the glare from her glasses so my mother's eyes can be seen.  She is getting very old and we have very few pictures of her and it would be nice to have one good one for a keepsake.


      So that is my question:  Is there an easy trick to remove the glare from a persons glasses, without destroying the picture, so their eyes can be seen?If not, you can have your download back, because I just won't be using it.