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    Folders on EHD but not showing in LR

    littlebirdtori Level 1

      I am using LR v4.4 and I recently have had somethign strange happen. First I had noticed that my folders on my external hard drive (titled LaCie) in Library mode were all "mixed up". Meaning, they were not in any kind of order (it seemed). I remedied this by going through and "showing parent folder" on them and it seemed to reorganize them. Now as I am looking at a reorganized folder tree, I am seeing that there are many folders that are not visible in the tree. When I go onto my computer outside of LR, and look on my EDD the folders are all nice and neatly organized there and are all present. Generally when I import photos, I import them to my hard drive (C) and also make a copy to my EDD (LaCie). I tried simply moving files from my C drive by just dragging them down to the EDD LaCie (because I thought they had somehow been deleted from the catalog or something) but it tells me these folders are already there....but they're not. lol. Atleast, I can't see them. I am attaching a screen shot to show you that the folders appear on my computer but not in LR.


      Can Anyone shed some light on this for me?



      Screenshot 2016-09-13 00.36.36.png

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom is not a file browser. Lightroom will only show you folders that you have imported images from (and their parent folders).

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            dj_paige Level 9

            YOu have probably (accidentally) imported the photos using the COPY option instead of the ADD option and so Lightroom thinks the photos are in the folder that you (accidentally) copied the photos to. So you have to find the photos in Lightroom, and then you can tell Lightroom to use the desired folder instead of the one Lightroom thinks it is in. Go to your Library module, find the photos, then right-click on one of them and select Go To Folder in Library, right-click on that folder, select "Update Folder Location" and then point to the desired folder.