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    flash 3d

      3d Flash People,

      I understand that importing 3d objects into Flash from 3ds max from swift is possible.. I was wondering if it was possible to import the models with the textures on them into flash... and how i could get a good tutorial on how to manipulate properties of the 3d objects to change textures...

      This all sounds interesting. I noticed that most tutorials had untextured 3d objects. Does that mean that it is imposible to import textured 3d objects into flash easily without scripting everything down to the polys?

      need asap assistance. Thank you.

      Mong Vang
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          cemongzongvang Level 1
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            I dont really understand the question.Mannipulate,change the textures .. in the
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              abeall Level 3
              Flash does not support 3D. When you export from 3ds or any other 3d app, it comes into Flash as a 2d sequence; either vector shapes(solid/untextured like you observed) or bitmaps. There is no way to edit 3D models in a modeliing sense from within Flash.
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                cemongzongvang Level 1
                ok ok,

                so swift itself cant even insert 3d objects into flash.. OHH!!.. 8O

                so what was the point of swift again?... why not any other 3d program? I'm pretty sure there is a big demand for a moded version of flash with 3d friendly intergration. I can imagine how to do the procedure from scratch, but why recreate something?

                flash still has superb action scripting. I love that aspect.

                Mong Vang
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                  abeall Level 3
                  > so what was the point of swift again?... why not any other 3d program?
                  Swift 3d is much simpler than a high end or even medium end 3d package, it's much cheaper, and it was designed specifically for Flash. This means that designers who aren't 3d experts can still easily get 3d effects in Flash, without having to get into the larger packages, like 3ds or maya.

                  Also, I think Swift 3D was one of the first that allowed you to export the 3d as a SWF; although nowadays you can do that in most 3d apps.