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    I lost £95 by clicking "License & Save to Computer"

    Suke Tran

      Hello, a few days I registered an account and choose "Photographer" plan, I see a promotion "Get 10 free images within first month" and I want to try it.


      Yesterday I tried to find some image, tried to download it to see the promotion works, I fond an image, there are only 3 buttons:


      - License & Save to Computer

      - Save Preview to Computer

      - Find Similar


      I thought It's free for the first month, so I clicked "License & Save to Computer", but then I have been charged £95.


      I was very shocked, tried to contact support but yesterday they told me to wait 24hrs, today I chat again and they told me "no refund for Adobe Stock External License."


      I thought I have 10 free images but now I lost £95, this money is very big for me, I don't know why this is external license.


      Please help me, please show me a way, a link or someone I can contact to talk about my issue !


      Help me ! Thank you so much !