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    Measure perimeter; the line that shows while measuring is gigantic

    charlesb20726405 Level 1

      I've searched about as much as I can search while I'm in the office. Problem is this, when I go to measure tools, select the perimeter measurement type and click to start measuring the line that shows while in the process of measuring looks to be around 12pt thickness. After completing the measurement the line can be edited with the properties option, and I've tried make these default etc. The line after completing the measurement is fine, but the line while in the process of measuring is still gigantic no matter what I do.


      FYI it's my boss's computer that's having this problem so there is no telling what he did and I haven't be able to find an option in preferences that has to do with the "preview" line or whatever we want to call it.


      Windows 7 64 bit

      adobe acrobat pro 11.0.17