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    Trying to open acsm files, nothing happens

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      My Adobe Digital Edition is both authorised on my computer and on my ebook reader (kobo). I am on Windows 10 and had to reinstall ADE since I upgraded recently. When I rent a book from a digital library, it sends me an .acsm file that I was normally opening with ADE.. Now everything is set like before and when I open an .acsm file, nothing happens and the menu items are greyed-out and the book never show up. If I start ADe and just try to look what books are on my reader, it's fine but when I try to open an .acsm things gett ugly. I thought maybe I need to reauthorise my computer, so did the process again, but still had the same issue. I reinstalled ADE, made the authorisation but still have the same issue.


      At this poins, I have looked online several hours but couldn't find a solution to my problem so I am asking on this forum. Maybe it's a compatibility issue with Windows 10, but right now I'm out of option.