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    HELP ASAP - external swf's

      HI, we have a situation which has done our heads in for two days non-stop,

      We have a pre-loader loading the area's and then have the loadmovienum to load in additional swf's now when we use the nav bar at the top of the page, it opens the right file but when it loads the page it moves onto the next load movie for some reason with out stopping, even though the stop command is in place....

      We have uploaded the dodgy version which you can test and see what problems we are having, the contact page is the same as the service page for the moment, but you will see the contact page display the "cloned" service page then it restarts the whole movie

      Here are the URL's to the zip file with all the swf's and fla's including the live what we have done so far online version.


      Please reply asap thanks

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          not my style of flashing. wasn't able to find the bug.
          however, my guess is that it's one or more of your goto statements is causing the continuous loading.

          oh, and why do you need a setInterval script for your tween?
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            Travman Level 1
            not sure what you mean, the problem is if you wait for the movie to load, then once it has, on a button click we have a external movie load, if you watch it load in after 5 seconds or so it moves onto the next load movie for some reason
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              shyaway Level 1
              hopefully someone who is more comfortable with scenes can help you out.
              all i can say is, avoid using scene like a plague

              the scene names you have are all scnMain, could that be a problem?
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                Just to clarify,
                I am the author of the above flash project / files.. Travman is my collegue.

                Although this is not your style of flash shyaway, you did get my noodle ticking over the interval script,

                var id = setInterval(function(){play();clearInterval(id);}, 8000);

                this was to make a movie clip pause for 8000 miliseconds, then play the continued sequence to form a rotation of images, this code was used on 4 frames in the sequence..

                Following a closer look and removal of the code, the main flash movie with loaded external swf's plays fine.. the reason, i can only assume this code was causing an issue is due to the play(); command, making the whole main movie play instead of just the movie clip..

                Scene names do not usually cause and issue, however, keeping seperate names is always good from a logical sense

                I have now resolved the issue, but for any other readers with a similar problem, try searching for all play/stop commands that run sub to the main timeline.

                Andy - Web Designer/Developer /Programmer