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    ColdFusion Report Building Grouping Output By Date


      I am building a report in cf report builder where there records outputed are grouped and sorted by date in the cf query


      I need to be able to display the date as the grouped heading on each page, if there is a change of date in results on the same page i am wanting the sub heading for the new grouped date to appear on the page as a sub heading.


      the output i am needing is the same as the output that would be generated from the following code in a cfm output


      <cfoutput query="queryname" group="TransactionDate">



      #transationTime# , #transactiontype#, #transactionamount#




      When i try and generate similar output above in cf report builder i am not able to have the TransationDate appear as the subheading once the date changes


      the report simply outputs the rows containing


      #transationTime# , #transactiontype#, #transactionamount#


      however at the change of date there is no sub heading appearing to separate the transaction from one date to the next via a sub heading3


      Adise on how to solve this would be appreciated and or reference to any examples of a cfr file that does output its results in a grouped fashion within the one page as described above