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    AS-Scripts interferring oO

    DBLjan Level 3

      Hi there,


      since we switched to CC latley, some of my scripts became a bit buggy, found out they tend to stop working after using one or another, interferring with each other, which is strange, because they shouldnt:


      1.) I start script A, fairly complex, but it works.

      2.) I start script B, works fine.

      3.) I start script A, a error is thrown:

      Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-13 um 15.12.46.png


      I can workaround by:

      - restarting InD

      - fireing the same script from AS-editor, which is very strange: Works outside InD, not inside InD


      Now I found out:

      4.) I start script B

      5.) Script A starts to work again


      So, who has a clue, what am I might doing wrong in my script/s? Why does it work from AS-Editor while failing in InD? And why did I have not such issues in CS5? What do I might have triggered/switched to let these scripts behave like this?


      Just what these two scripts are doing:

      Script A is looking for a textbox in the selection. Then it GREPs text, a new selection. This gets "crossed" with making a new line. This line is grouped together with the initial text box. The box can hold multiple findings.

      Script B does only call a thrid-party-plugin, but tries to select the picture-frame, if the picture is selected.