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    generate using RH 2015 - warning about copying a file that isn't even in my help

    Write U R

      Hi, after looking at the html code and other info for every topic, skin, master page, image, settings, project settings, style sheet, the one baggage file (javascript to add a print button to the output), all the options under Topic Properties (such as unused files), my output (webhelp) setup, and other parameters for my new webhelp project, I cannot seem to locate the source of the following "generate" warning that I'm getting:


      Copying files...

      Warning: "C:\users\me\desktop\My New Project\F:\XYZ_folder\Documentation\xyz_index.pdx" cannot be copied to "C:\users\me\desktop\My_Generated_Output\F:\XYZ_folder\Documentation\xyz_index.pdx".   reason: source does not exist.


      The help system appears to generate correctly, but where is this warning coming from? I reviewed every file I can see, as mentioned above, and nowhere do I see a reference to this external file somewhere out on drive F. (The file, BTW, does exist, but it's not part of my project.) There are no broken links.


      You may be wondering if I created this project using an existing project, and yes, I did, but I deleted almost all of the topics from that project and also revisited and scrubbed (if needed) the master page, css, etc.


      What am I overlooking? :-(


      Thanks for any suggestions, I'm stumped!

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          Amebr Level 4

          (Apologies if you already tried this. It's always hard to know what exactly people have done before posting, despite the info provided.)


          Perhaps try Find and Replace in Files (Ctrl+Shift+F in RH11) to see what files contain the reference to the file.


          Find: xyz_index.pdx

          Look in: Current project

          Files of type: *.* (this will search js, hts, pss etc files, not just htm files)

          Expand "Show options" and tick "Include Subfolders"


          Find All and see what files are returned. That might give you a clue where to look. But be very very careful as this will return behind-the-scenes files that you should be careful of changing. Also, if you generate into a subfolder of your project (e.g. the default !SSL! folder) you may get a bunch of output files returned - you should ignore these for the moment as you just want to find where in the source this is referenced.

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            Write U R Level 1

            Thank you, Amebr!  I actually tried this tool previously, but was never able to get the Find button to *not* stay grayed out. Apparently with the Find function, you have to enter a "Starts with" parameter. I was not 100% sure what the offending code actually started with, but I knew it contained the word "index," so I tried just using the "Contains" field. The Find button never un-grayed. Eventually, after trying a couple of other things (wild card *, for example) that didn't work, I gave up.


            But... when I read your post, I went back and fiddled with the Find/Replace tool again, and this time I determined that the offending code probably started with "F" (for F drive) so I entered that, along with "index" in the "Contains" field again.  This time the Find button activated and the search worked and I found the bad code in the baggage apj file.


            Thanks again.