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    graphics/text moving on their own....


      This year I updated from CS6 to CC 2015.  This is my 4th year creating catalogs at this particular job.  I am using Adobe InDesign (CC 2015) and I am creating a 200+ page catalog.  I have all the pages assembled as facing pages and I am using the “book” option.  I have all the images and text boxes in the right place and all my pages are corrected and saved.  I had to restart my computer due to a system glitch.  Once I restarted and opened up InDesign, I re-opened the book I was working on.  Now, every page is messed up.  On the left hand pages, several (not all) text boxes and graphics shifted toward the right, aligning themselves to the page border.  On the right hand pages, several (not all) text boxes and graphics shifted toward the left, aligning themselves to the page border.  So as an overview, some of the text boxes and graphics from both facing pages now suddenly moved to the spline area between the facing pages. Now, I have to go back and fix 200+ page and manually move each element.  Have any of you see this before?  Any thoughts?


      I am on a Gateway DX4850

      Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz

      8 gig RAM

      64 bit operating system

      Windows 7

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          George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

          Never work with non-spread pages in a book. Have always "two pages in a spread" in the end of indd, as example.

          Answer to your problem here - http://indesignsecrets.com/move-every-object-on-every-page-toward-or-away-from-spine.php

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            bacreamer Level 1

            I've already experienced this years ago and learned this principle.  I also learned that you do not add a single page to a book as it will throw off all the pages.  The thing that has happened to my documents is also selective.  It doesn't affect all the graphical and textual elements on the page, just a few of them.  As an example, each page has graphics, text boxes with product details, as well as call out text boxes. For each text box with multiple line items in it, I am using a light gray box under ever other line to make it easier to see the details for each product.  When I opened the pages and saw everything moved, I noticed this...  In one area, it moved just a few of he graphics and the gray lines to toward the spine, and on the opposite page, it only moved a few graphics and text boxes and left the gray stripes alone.  Some times, it moves both gray boxes and text box that is layered above it.  There really is no pattern to it.  In fact, I clicked on each box on the page (the ones that moved and the ones that did not) and looked at the properties for each box to see if there was something different about the boxes that moved.  There are no differences.


            With this incident, I have 20 different documents (sections) that make up the book.  I have been in and out of each document hundreds of times over the past 3 months in the creation of this catalog.  When I closed the book and it's pages, I had not added any extra pages or deleted any either.  After the restart, I opened up as normal and that is when I saw that every single page in the catalog had images and text shifted.  So, as an overview, I closed the files with everything normal, I opened up with everything messed up.  If I had done something to cause the moving images, it would have been plainly evident before I closed the file.  This really has me confused.

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              George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

              Sometimes you can not understand that add some page. This is often situation when you work in a book.


              And, forget,  in some CS4 or CS5 I really have bug as you say, that bug was ended after some update. But you now with CC. Try to add the ticket in support about your problem.