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    Nikon D810 Raw Nefs worked fine about two months ago.  Now they do not :/

    DanteNano Level 1

      I have been in a professional computer artist for over 20 years.  I have even worked on many major motion pictures that you have seen.  But, in all that time, no single technical error has annoyed me nearly as bad as this one.  I paid extra money to upgrade my Lightroom copy.  That alone took almost a day of talking to Adobe because they were confused about what country I lived in.  After a long ordeal and an entire work day, I finally managed to read D810s NEF.  Now, about 6 weeks later, I am attempting to import some NEFS from the D810 and it says that it is an unrecognized format.  I did nothing at all to this machine, so I assume that an auto update broke something regarding the NEF reading.  I mean seriously!???