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    Exporting data: Version 9 vs. Version 11




      I have invested some time in creating a fillable form using livecycle designer.

      The form takes advantage of show/hide javascript functions.

      I built the form using livecycle 8.2 and tested using Acrobat 9.


      The form was built to export all field data into a .csv using the Forms>Manage Forms>Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet.

      When I export this way using Acrobat 9, no issue. All form fields (including hidden fields) export correctly.

      ie. hidden data fields from form represent as named column with no data in cell within the exported .csv file.


      My co-workers, the form users, have licenses for Acrobat 11.

      When they export to .csv using the same procedure as above, the hidden fields within the form are unaccounted for.

      Instead of the exported csv file showing a named column with no data in the cell, the column itself is omitted.

      Omitting the hidden columns causes data structure issues for our database.


      Any ideas how I can fix this without reversioning back to Acrobat 9?