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    Character Animator Tips & Tricks (September 2016)

    oksamurai Employee Moderator

      Walk through some new Adobe Character Animator tips & tricks, including animating with two characters, relinking files, sharing projects, swapping mouth sets, adding background hair layers, and a community spotlight section.



      0:00 Intro

      0:52 Multiple Puppets - Character Animator

      7:28 Multiple Puppets - After Effects

      10:04 Multiple Puppets - Live via Syphon

      11:30 Relinking Files

      12:36 Community Spotlight: Gorlog

      15:26 Community Spotlight: Virus & Hacker

      18:50 Sharing Projects

      21:19 Background Hair Layers

      23:26 Swapping Mouth Sets

      25:45 Outro


      Special thanks to Bernard A. and Lynne Mitchell for letting me use their puppets as examples!