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    LRCC new file order (after import) when a merged HDR .DNG file is created?


      Please can I get some help!

      What happen inside LRCC´s when a new file is created in a row of panoramic .CR2 files in order with,

      bracketing files included for HDR panorama stitchin purposes,

      Will the order (after imported raw files change, and why are the new .DNG files placed by LRCC in the END of

      the imported .CR2 files?

      Can this be done automatically so when a HDR merged DNG file is created it will be PLACED in the origin ORDER?

      So please is anyone familiar with, how LRCC chooses to PLACE a new DNG file and then please help me to solve

      how to make the order with the new HDR.DNG file to fit into the right order with the other panorama files from


      Big THANK in advance if you happen to have solution for this detail in the work flow when creating a

      so called HDR-PANORAMIC photo.