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    PDF when "emailed" doesn't actually send; Windows 10

    ruth annh69449334

      I updated to Windows 10 and have Adobe X Pro.  Before in Windows 7 I could sign my .pdf and share the document by hitting send with the appropriate email address.  It took off and landed in the recipient's inbox.


      In this version it does not.  It goes and looks like it was sent, but it really didn't go anywhere.  (Where it went I have no idea, but I missed some deadlines because I thought it was sent.)


      Does anybody have a fix for this?  I can do a work-around where I save the .pdf to my desktop and through Outlook attach it to a new message and it will go.  But if I try to send through the "share" part of Adobe Acrobat it doesn't really send.  This is kind of a pain since I do this many times a day for my clients.