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    Random Ball Rotation

    amithjnt Level 1
      I created a movieclip through actionscript and loading the images randomly. When I use one movieclip with alreadly loaded images and rotating it , using the properties given in the movieclip. It is working finely.
      But in the same movieclip if I try to load another image in the same movieclip using moviecliploader, ball is not rotating. The properties whatever I set inside the movieclip is not working.
      I do not want to keep 20 movieclips on the screen. I would like to create 20 movieclips inside the actionscript and loading different images using moviecliploader and rotate it. Can anybody send the logic how to rotate this 20 balls?
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          blemmo Level 1
          You have to make sure the content is loaded completely before you can use or assign the MC's properties. The MovieClipLoader class provides events that execute when loading is complete, like onLoadInit, which can be used to start the rotation.