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    HELP!!!! Flash Causing to Crash

      First I am Using D8.5 and Flash 5

      I have Flash Sprites with buttons (2 Wrong answers,1 right) that call to director for sounds and markers/movies using lingo. At first I had the buttons jumping to markers in the score and playing that flash movie but it would eventually crash the projector and always at random times. I changed them to play movie commands via Lingo and now it seems even worse. Here is what the Lingo for one button looks like:

      on (release) {
      getURL ("lingo: if soundbusy (3) then sound(3).stop()");
      getURL ("lingo: puppetsound 4, \"Di1\"");
      getURL ("lingo: puppetsound 3, \"get\"");
      getURL ("lingo: play movie \"Not Quite Pick Again\"");

      Any idea's I am totally lost on this and would appreciate any help!

      Thanks, m

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          Flash & Director, even in their latest versions, still dont play well together.

          Doesnt appear anything overtly wrong with the code supplied!

          Beyond that, it's all about the process of elimination - leave only one command at a time.
          Try passing one Master handler to director then get Director to process the rest of the functions. ie.
          on release
          getURL (lingo: RunScript);

          on runScript me

          Maybe you are passing too many commands to Director ?
          Maybe you have found one of the many undocumented 'quirks' witihin Director
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            If I recall there is an issue with callbacks from Flash 7 to Director 10.1 via the getURL command if you are using them with the commonPlayer property set to anything other than #none. So if using that can cause a crash.
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              Actually there's a great deal wrong with this code. You're sending four
              simultaneous commands to the Director movie. This is a great deal
              different from combining all of those commands into one function and
              then calling that function.

              A simple solution would be to write a function in a movie script window
              in Director, something like this:

              on wrongAnswer
              if soundbusy (3) then sound(3).stop()
              puppetsound 4,"Di1"
              puppetsound 3,"get"
              go to "Not Quite Pick Again"

              If "Not Quite Pick Again" is a marker name then the above code is
              correct. If its something else, then please explain further.

              In the Flash movie, you can then just say:

              on (release) {

              Rob Dillon
              Adobe Community Expert

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                dharmapoop Level 1
                I had an external cast with all the wrong answer movies done in flash. after just importing the movies into each director file and getting rid of the external cast the crash problems disappeared and it's running fine now. Thanks for all the advice and help, it's much appreciated.