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    Download failed because URL could not be verified


      Working in IndesignCC 2015.4

      Need to produce interactive pdf that will be placed on web for download.

      Have saved video as H.264 mp4


      video places fine if I place the mp4 and save as interactive pdf but pdf will be too large with videos placed.


      To work up a layout I had IT place the mp4 on the server so in Indesign I could link to the video from a url and keep pdf size smaller.

      but when I try to do this in Indesign Place a file from a URL: I receive the message: Download failed because URL could not be verified




      If I click on the link it says page not found


      I tried linking to the file at home incase IT had firewall blocking the link and I get the message.


      Any info appreciated I can check with the  IT dept if their are any issues the way they placed the mp4 so I can work up the layout and link to that file.


      I need to work up an interactive pdf so other options of epub or publish online are not options.