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    LR: Export or Publish LR folder with subfolders to HD keeping the same folder structure

    Hugozamgan Level 1

      This is actually an enhancement request that I am posting here since I could not find any option in the web site for enhancement requests.


      In Lightroom, I would like to have a way to Export or Publish a Lightroom folder with subfolders to a hard drive so the export or publishing keeps the same folder structure including folder and subfolder names. My Idea is to be able to create a JPG copy of all my edited raw files in another disk outside of Lightroom. If I move pictures around, or change file names, or do additional editing in any picture, I would like that to be reflected on the external copy. Theoretically, I should be able to publish my top directory and all my subdirectories would automatically be included and replicated on the external hard drive.


      Lightroom currently have a way to publish to a hard drive but this is a flat (one level) publishing feature, for the moment.


      -- Hugo