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    Elements 14 Exporting/Playback Issues




      Thanks for taking the time to read this post and provide answers. It is appreciated!


      I am currently using Premier Elements 14 on a Dell XPS 13 and have tried to export a particular video multiple times without success. Every time I export and try to view it in the Movies and TV application as well as the Windows Media Player application, the video would stop near the beginning completely. I am currently running Windows 10. After some investigation, I found the file for the video to be only ~400mb when this should be around 14gb because it is a 1-hour long video at 1080p running at 30fps. The video playback will say there is an hour's worth of video, but after maybe playing 6-7 minutes it will cut out. I have rendered the media in the timeline thinking that would help, and it has not. Any idea how to resolve this issue?


      Thanks again,

      Michael Nguyen.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Dell makes a number of version of their XPS -- but assuming you're not using the one with the i3 processor, you should be able to edit video in Premiere Elements with no problems.


          1) What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format (MTS? MOV? MP4?)? If this video is not from a camcorder, that may be contributing to the problem and we will need to dissect your video to see what's inside.

          2) Do you have Quicktime 7 installed, per the program's requirements?

          3) What are your Project Settings, as listed under the Edit menu? When you add your first clip to your timeline, is there a yellow-orange "render" line above the clip? This indicates that the program is not able to match its project settings to your video specs.



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            michaelwin94 Level 1



            Firstly, thank you for helping.


            Secondly, I am running an i5 XPS 13 and have never had issues with it until now. I also do have multiple render lines in the timeline, however this video has been exported before without issues even with render lines present. This is an older vacation video and new photos/videos were given to me to add to the timeline. Prior to doing this, it was able to export without issues. Render lines, to my knowledge, have never played a factor.


            There are a variety of videos shot on my Galaxy S6, which are all .MP4 files, and some .MTS files from a Sony camcorder, the model of which I do not know as it is not mine. Again, all of these files were able to export previously, but no longer do after adding the final photos/videos to the timeline. I do not suspect those are the problem.


            The source of the photos are from multiple smartphones from my family, all of which had photos in the timeline previously which did export.


            I did install Quicktime 7 at your recommendation, but now the video only exports as a corrupt file measuring a couple dozen kilobytes at the most. Not sure why. I did have Quicktime 7 installed previously when the videos would export. I deleted this program for some reason and reinstalled after reading your post.


            The project settings as listed under the General tab include:


            1. Editing mode at HD 1080i

            2. 29.97 FPS

            3. Display Format of 30 FPS Drop-Frame Timecode


            The Video Render tab has the File Format as I-Frame Only MPEG and the Compressor as MPEG I-Frame


            Again, thank you so much for your help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Can you post a screen capture of your entire movie's timeline to this forum?