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    Controlling video using Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015

    Robert Mount


      I’m new to Adobe Animate and have watched various tutorials about labels, triggers and actions - All looks great but I’m struggling to get it to work.


      In a nut shell I’ve been asked if it’s possible to add some navigation to a video that jumps to and plays sections of video from a custom menu.


      This is what I’m trying to achieve >


      • On load plays a video full screen for approx. 10 seconds (intro sequence) and then stops.
      • Menu appears
      • Click on one of the buttons from the menu and it jumps to a label/chapter point and plays a section of the video and then stops.
      • Click on the menu again and select another label/chapter point… and so on…


      It’s to be used on various platforms but the most important one is to get it working android tablet. Will also be used on a large touchscreen at exhibitions.


      The file I have a 3:30min mp4 at 1920x1080


      Currently I’m going round circles trying out all the options and not having much luck- any advice would be greatly appreciated !