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    Pen stroke delay issue on Surface Pro 2?


      I'm having this issue where the initial stroke seems to have a delay, and creates a straight line at the beginning of every stroke. I've recently purchased a year of all programs on the Creative Cloud service in hopes I could use Animate CC in particular for animating, so this has been incredibly frustrating to deal with. This issue does not appear for me in Photoshop CC.


      As you can see in the image above, it's very visible, especially at wider angles. This happens with every tool in Animate CC, although in the case above I was using the brush tool.


      Above is an observation I was able to make using the paint brush tool.

      If you look closely, it detects the start of the stroke, but only continues to follow the pen after a short delay, thus causing the straight line effect.


      I am using the default settings/preferences in Animate CC, and have only changed the workspace layout to "Animator", although this change does not appear to have any effect on the problem. I've tried changing settings such as smoothing, pressure sensitivity, tilt, and none of the above will fix the problem. I have even fully wiped my computer and installed Windows 10 Pro (this issue occurred previously in Windows 8), and the issue hasn't been resolved.


      Running 64-bit version of Windows 10 Pro with all the current latest updates (to date).

      Animate CC 2015.2 (Build with default preferences.

      Using a Surface Pro 2 with an Intel Core i5-4300U.


      I have tried:

      Running as Administrator
      Reinstalling drivers

      Disabling Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service

      Enabled or Disabled display scaling on high DPI settings (although my display settings are at 100%).

      Changing priority of the service to higher, etc.

      Disabled Flicks and Press and Hold action in the Pen Options.

      Changing smoothing, pen pressure, tilt, and various other options inside Animate CC.


      If anyone has the solution to this, please let me know. I'd love to get started with animating in Animate CC as soon as possible, but with this issue, I won't be able to use it. I've already dug around many old posts about similar issues, and none of the solutions are applicable.

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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry to tell you this but yes it has delay and it's not the program. The graphics card on the Surface Pro 2 is simply not powerful enough to handle vector calculations which is why you see it make straight lines. It can't calculate the curves so it misses them and finishes the line without those curves so the line is straight. I have a Surface Pro 2 as well and it does not work with Animate.

          I've owned dozens of Tablet PCs and while they're cool for doodling and hanging in coffee houses, they unfortunately have no real processing power despite what they try to tell you on the commercials and Animate needs that due a mixture of issues dating back to the macromedia days which Adobe has fixed in many ways, but the brush tool still stands as a difficult thing to make better in the program even on desktops, let alone a tablet.

          In fact there's only one tablet at all that I've ever seen that can handle the vectors of Animate/Flash and that's the Cintiq Companion. You8 can currently buy them on eBay for about $1000 and while I'm sure this doesn't help you much other with your tablet, at least you know that it's not a bug, and it's not something Adobe can likely do about it.

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            Keefachu Level 1

            Ah, thanks for the reply! I'd had my suspicions about this actually, since recently I tested drawing with my mouse and the issue still applies here, although not nearly as visible. It would seem I will have to use a different animation program for the time being, but I'm saving up for a Cintiq 13HD/22HD/27QHD Touch in the future, so I can use my primary PC in the future, and hopefully then I'll be able to dive into Animate CC without any problems.


            As disappointing as this is, I can't say I'm surprised. Thanks again!

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              Yeah a 22HD works great but then it's really related to how good you graphics card is on the PC itself. An integrated graphics card still might not do the job which is essentially why the Surface Pro can't do it's job. You need a dedicated graphics card for Animate. Also for what it's worth I've read the 13HD has problems with cursor registration so you're probably better off saving for the 22HD

              If you just want to animate, you might try Sketchbook Pro as it now has an animation timeline and while there's no sound you can still practice and even make finished animation with it.

              Here's something I did using Sketchbook Pro's timeline feature.

              Basketball Jones - YouTube

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                cocoua Level 1

                @asymetrical, sorry but this is not true, as ylu can see sfp 3 and beyond has same problem.


                It's not a GPU problem, nothing to do with that.


                sfp only has one gpu inside, whem you work with a connect cintiq everything is OK, and it has no sense from the technocal point of view, so please, don't confuse people with this.