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    Phonegap builds to iOS only


      When I go to https://build.phonegap.com/apps this is what I see:

      phonegap prob.png

      There is no Android or Windows Phone build. And when I click on iOS and then click Install, it redirects me to this page, saying "No application packages have been built at this time".

      phonegap prob.png

      This is my first time building an app, any chance I am doing something wrong?

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          martinb77004568 Level 2

          You can't download it for iOS since the build for it failed. Maybe, you haven't uploaded the certificates needed? Have a look at PhoneGap Build | PhoneGap Docs , especially at "signing". Here, you will see how to create the certificates needed for the iOS version.


          Do you want to build for Android instead (or for both, Android an iOS)? Change your config.xml and include one (or both) of the following lines:

          <platform name="ios" />
          <platform name="android" />
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            lglomer Level 1

            Thanks, I did only have the iOS platform on my config file.

            This leads me to another problem: I am trying to generate a private key for Android but it asks for a keystore password, and I have no idea what it is.

            Why do I need a private key at all?

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              martinb77004568 Level 2

              You can run an unsigned Android application for testing purposes. If you want to do so, click on the dropdown menu next to the Android icon and select "No key selected". This application can be installed on your Android device for testing purposes. But when you are planning to send your application to other users or even want to submit it to PlayStore, you need to sign it. In this way, you can make sure that nobody is able to create an "update" for your application (that would be a huge security problem). Just click through the docs - they will answer your questions! (e.g. signing on Android: Signing | PhoneGap Docs)